Thursday, December 1, 2016

Advent calendar with MOPPE shelf/drawers by IKEA

As you may have seen on Instagram, I colored all those little drawers while the last Daily Marker 30 days coloring challenge. If you don't know that challenge yet, check it out! Kathy is one of the kindest persons among this amazing crafting community and she is hosting this very unique challenge. HERE  and HERE you can find everything about it.

So here is a closer look to the advent calendar. First, I painted all fronts of those drawers with white acrylic paint. Then I stamped all images with black archival ink. Those super cute stamps are all from Lawn Fawn, about 6 different sets (into the woods, joy to the woods, lets toboggan together, ready set snow, baah humbug and frosty fairy friends). The numbers are from the clark's abc stamp set. That ink is very good for watercoloring. So first, I made some previous tests if it works with acrylic paint too and it did!! As acrylic paint is water soluble, it behaves very similar to watercolors while working with it. Once it is dried, it is permanent and lightfast. That is why I decided to color all those images with acrylic paint - it should last for a couple of years now! :-D

I painted all images with very thin brushes - actually with three different sizes. They are from Marabu (a german brand) and I used the round brushes 3/0 and 5/0 and a flat brush size 6 (for the bottom/snow/shadow/sky parts). They have a good consistency to draw thin lines, such as hair, fur or details on trees. Sometimes I sponged the sky with some dye ink, too (it depended on the surface of the wood; sometimes it was smooth and sometimes it was quite rough and porous) and used white acrylic paint for the stars on top.

An other fun thing is Liquid Appliqué. It comes in a pen and you apply it directly onto your surface. You can let it dry overnight and then heat set it, or you can heat set it directly after applying - you will get different results. Mr. Sheep is heat set directly, Mrs. Sheep is heat set after drying overnight. I like both textures :-D

I hope you got inspired and maybe you give it a try too - probably next year :-)) You have to consider that this takes a while to create - I needed about 25 - 30 hours.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Es weihnachtet....

Huch!! Nur noch 40 Tage bis Weihnachten... die Zeit scheint wieder einmal auf der Überholspur zu sein... Nun, wie auch immer - falls ihr mit den Weihnachtskarten produzieren noch nicht begonnen habt, inspiriert euch eventuell meine Karte?? Sie besteht nur aus Stanzteilen und gestempelten Motiven.  Beide Teile des Hintergrundes wurden mit Versamarktinte gestempelt (Holzhintergrund und Worte). Den Holzhintergrund habe ich dann mit klarem Embossingpulver embosst und den Wortstempelhintergrund mit weissem. Danach habe ich darüber türkisfarbene Stempelfarbe gewischt, damit die Worte sich mehr hervorheben... Das ist ziemlich fix fabriziert und sieht erst noch schmuck aus... und wenn ihr dann derart im Kartenfieber seid, dürft ihr euer Werk auch gerne zur aktuellen Bastel-Traum Challenge verlinken, denn das findet diesen Monat unter dem Motto "Weihnachten" statt...

In diesem Sinne: lasst die Karten Massenproduktion starten und... gutes Gelingen!!

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